Jon Huelskamp

Jon started shooting photography early in high school as a hobby. He attended St. Cloud State for photography and graphic design, where he also worked as the photography professor’s assistant in the photo lab. In 1996, he started LandMark Photography with Jim. Jon has been flying drones ever since they hit the market in 2012.

His hobbies include fishing, hunting, skiing, and woodworking. He loves spending time with his wife, Sherry and their two girls, Sieanna and Madison. Jon enjoys photographing wildlife, his hunting experiences and hunting dogs in action.

“After 20 years I still enjoy seeing and photographing the trends in the building industry and working with the new technology. Cameras, computers, drones, lenses, video, software. I’ve always been a right-brain thinker. Wondering what’s the next thing I can make with my hands. Photography is obviously a large part of my life, but when I’m not shooting I like to sculpt, draw, and make things. Wood decoys, concrete countertops, home DIY, furniture…there’s always something going on in my shop.”

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